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Alphametrica – A DeFi Cryptocurrency-Derivative Trading Platform Like No Other

Alphametrica – A DeFi Cryptocurrency-Derivative Trading Platform Like No Other

July 07
00:00 2021

Alphametrica facilitates you the access to trade innovative and unique cryptocurrency-derivatives with zero fees and absolute, irrefutable fairness and transparency.

Alphametrica ranks above most crypto-derivative platforms mainly due to its application of decentralized smart contracts as a vehicle for option trading.

In addition to the irrefutable fairness guaranteed by usage of blockchain, Alphametrica has innovated, industry-first, proprietary derivative products such as:

– Geared Option Contracts (Limited Risk Geared Options).

– Leveraged 6X Long BTC Token;

– GoldBTC Long/Short Token.

Currently on the cusp of being launches is the Alphametrica IDO Launchpad, a decentralized platform for launching fully-audited IDOs.

Alphametrica is a Decentralized Trading Environment.

Every single option trade placed on the Alphametrica platform is programmed into a smart contract, eliminating the need for a third party. Settlement automatically takes place on-chain when the terms of the contract are fulfilled.

Profits Are Paid Instantaneously.

The implementation of the smart-contract protocol facilitates the immediate and instantaneous settlement of profits, directly into the user’s wallet.
Immediately as a trade closes on green, the inherent profit is transfered automatically directly into the user’s wallet.
This eliminates any form of delay encountered with most platforms, which require increasingly higher KYC threasholds and 24 to 48 hour processing periods.

Absolute Security.

Furthermore, Alphametrica leverages smart contracts and non-custodial fund storage to mitigate the risk of funds being lost or stolen because of an attack from nefarious actors.

Alphametrica does not hold user funds, which means they cannot be stolen from the platform.

Option Architecture.

Alphametrica’s Digital Options allow traders to gain from any form of price movements in BTC and soon in ETH, XRP and DOGE.

The options provide low capital entry levels, thus allowing its users to stake a small amount of capital and gain full exposure to the profits generated by the underlying asset they trade in.

The Alphametrica Digital Options are ATM Options and purely “cash settled”, therefore there is no physical delivery of the underlying asset. The sole issuer of the options is Alphametrica – thus users can only be buyers.

The users of Alphametrica Options are exposed to a limited amount of downside risk – the maximum loss is limited to the premium the user pays for the options.

How Simple Is It?

Buy a Put or a Call BTCUSDT Option, with an expiry of 45, 75, 95, 180 or 480 minutes, select your Gearing – which determines the type of leverage-return the trade will yield, and place the trade.

The trade’s parameters are programmed into a smart contract, thus sealing and insulating the trade from price manipulation, processing delays and any other forms of tempering.

At Expiration the Option auto-exercises, and the smart contract insures the automatic fulfilment of the terms.

The concept of Gearing is simple, for example, if you opt for a 3X Gearing, for every $1 move the Option position you hold, will return you $3.

head out to, open your account in under 60 seconds, use our revolutionary derivative-producs and profit from any up or down price movement in BTC.

Abriana Sienna Buzzelli
Executive Manager Media Relations

Alphametrica wholly owned by Alphametrica SLP UK. RN: SL002917 / 2020.


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