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EP: The Cloud Storage Market Dominates In The Web3.0 Era

EP: The Cloud Storage Market Dominates In The Web3.0 Era

April 26
00:00 2020

Denver, Colorado, USA – A blue ocean in the data storage industry

As an important branch of information data storage, cloud storage is an online network data storage mode, which is to store data on multiple sets of servers hosted by a reliable third party. At present, the total amount of global data has reached 44ZB in 2020, which is an extremely large number. The vigorous development of many emerging technologies and applications has brought about a significant increase in the size of the data market. Each user is a diverse unity that integrates multiple identities such as data creator, sharer and carrier.

Cloud storage market with both opportunities and challenges

The unprecedented expansion of the cloud storage market brings both opportunities and challenges. With the brutal growth, the current cloud storage city faces many pain points:

The first to bear the brunt is the security issue that cannot be ignored. Since data storage is currently on centralized servers, once server downtime, failures, or shutdowns occur, many data will be lost, which is an inevitable difficulty for users’ data security.

Secondly, the exponential increase in data volume has brought more and more heavy server hosting, and the corresponding storage costs have increased dramatically. As of 2019, the number of racks in the global data center has exceeded 5 million, and the pressure of server loading is evident.

At the same time, the low-intelligence hierarchical processing decision-making mode of the centralized platform is too redundant and mechanical, and page caching or system crash is a common phenomenon, and the user experience is extremely poor.

Why do we need EP?

In today’s cloud storage market, centralized data storage systems can no longer meet the current trend of information and data blowout, and the disadvantages are obvious. The field of data storage urgently needs new changes. The advent of blockchain technology has brought new light to the field of data storage, making its transformation possible.

The distributed cloud storage protocol has the possibility to reshape the Internet network infrastructure, and it is also one of the most promising uses of blockchain technology. In the wave of the information Internet moving towards the value Internet, in the historical transformation of the “blockchain +” physical industry transformation and upgrading, and under the background of the strong attack of 5G communication commercial, the EP Development Foundation will be in Colorado in 2019 The state was approved and officially established, named FUKUN CAPITAL, led by Winklevoss capital and Node Capital, EP distributed cloud storage platform (Everything Is Possible) was born.

What will EP bring?

EP is a distributed cloud storage service platform that builds anti-censorship, anti-monitoring and never stops by activating idle devices. EP optimizes the consensus mechanism on the basis of PoC to build a public chain, improves the transaction throughput and transaction speed through the unique side chain extension method, uses smart contract dual isolation witness to ensure its transaction security, builds an all-asset terminal wallet to achieve mainstream digital Cross-chain transactions between assets.

EP will form an EP closed-loop ecological cycle with a full range of ecological applications such as cloud storage, cloud mining pools, finance, hidden information transmission, game platforms, online malls, and all-asset terminal wallets. Under the background of the popularization of “Blockchain +” and the enabling of tokens to the real industry, EP can promote the upgrading of finance, Internet companies, and the physical industry, and the upgrade of consumer consumption. The value-added space for its future will be very broad.

Reasons to choose EP

Comparing the existing projects, EP has many advantages that are extremely difficult to copy: the multi-node storage architecture based on blockchain technology brings a national level of security protection; the distributed compound program structure perfectly solves many of the centralized existence Disadvantages; industry-leading compatible deployments can quickly integrate into the mainstream market; stable node fault tolerance brings extremely high fault tolerance; redundant error restart logic brings unparalleled data security.

With intense technical development and testing, EP will be launched in the future. The choice of the market is objective and fair. Powerful functions and excellent technological innovation will eventually urge more users to choose EP and become the dominant cloud storage market in the Web3.0 era!

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